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American made – since 1971.
One Easi File stores as much as three conventional flat files
1 Easi File stores as much as 3 flat files

Easi File: The World's Best Large Document Storage Solution

Easi File vertical filing cabinets are purpose built for storing blueprints, drawings, and maps. Easi Files provide the following benefits over non-vertical solutions:

  • Saves Space:
    Easi Files require up to 69% less floor space than flat files!

  • Protects your valuable documents:
    Safely stored within a fully enclosed space and hung vertically, your documents are protected from the elements and the rips and tears common with flat files.

  • Retrieve and replace documents in seconds:
    As easy as using a 3 ring notebook! Simply find the document you want, then fully open the Easi File to retrieve.

  • Unsurpassed organizational capability:
    An organizational time-saver! All your documents are labeled, grouped, and organized to your specifications.

  • Ergonomically correct:
    Easi Files are operated from a standing position, making them safer and more comfortable to use than other large document storage methods.

There's an Easi File for every size document, from as small as 8.5" x 11" to as large as 44" x 72". All of our products are proudly made in USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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